Find out the self-check list of excavator oil consumption!


Find out the self-check list of excavator oil consumption!

When machine friends notice that the equipment consumes a lot of fuel

Often the first reaction will be considered a lack of performance of the machine

As everyone knows, the fuel consumption of the excavator is actually

Your own operating habits are also closely related

We have compiled this for everyone

Self-check list of excavator oil consumption

Want equipment fuel efficient?

Don't hurry up to find out!

Question one

Do I always pay attention to reducing the idle speed of the machine to avoid engine idling?

Expert interpretation

As we all know, the machine idling burns idle when the engine is idling.

Not only waste fuel, but also do not produce work benefits.

In the long run, the cost of unnecessary fuel is even more important!

Question two

During the construction process, did I try to minimize the rotation angle of the equipment?

Expert interpretation

In the loading operation, the rotation angle of the excavator is more suitable in the range of 30-45 degrees.

In addition, avoid ineffective work, such as excessive rotation, or rear soil extraction, wasting fuel.

Question three

Do I reduce the engine speed while the excavator is moving?

Expert interpretation

The faster the engine speed, the more fuel it consumes while walking.

Properly reducing the engine speed when the excavator is walking can effectively reduce fuel consumption.

Question four

Did I pay attention to the elevated work?

Expert interpretation

When the excavator is located on a high platform and the platform and the length of the excavator boom are the same, the fuel efficiency is higher.

Question five

Do I properly control the excavator's digging angle?

Expert interpretation

When the digging angle is 90 degrees, according to the principle of leverage, each cylinder of the excavator pushes the excavator with greater force and lower fuel consumption.

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