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Qinding Crawler Track Undercarriage

Qinding Machinery is the professional manufacturer for the Steel Track Undercarriage and Rubber Track Undercarriage in China.

During the past decade, we have design and production the track undercarriage system for many applications.

The Applications for Drilling Rig, Crawler Crane, Crusher, Excavator, Screener, Forest & Logging, Materialhandling, Pipelayers, Harvesting Machine, Lifting Machine, Dumper, Road Paves and Pile Drivers.

We can design the chassis depending on the required load and capacities, you can choose a track system with rubber tracks, a track system with steel tracks or a track system with interchangeable tracks, so that you can switch between rubber and steel.

The common features of all track systems are the low soil pressure, the 360° turning possibility and the excellent cross-country manoeuvrability.

Please kindly send us the requirements for the machine function, and the details such as tonage, track shoe size, height, length, motor features, with beam or not. We will give drawing design according to your requirements.

QINDING Track System can supply the total solution for the machinery traveling .


Rubber tracks for all subsoils.

Due to the low soil pressure, rubber tracks are suitable for virtually all subsoils. Rubber tracks leave almost no tracks in the subsoil and do not damage it.

Whether the subsoil consists of sand, mud or, for example, snow, rubber tracks are unbeatable on every surface.

Rubber tracks guarantee manoeuvrability and stability

An undercarriage with rubber tracks is stable on all subsoils. Rubber tracks are highly manoeuvrable and stable, which guarantees efficient and safe work.


Steel tracks for the agricultural sector, industry, machine builders,…

QINDING Track Solutions develops, produces and supplies steel tracks for a very wide range of applications.

QINDING Track Solutions steel tracks are often used in the agricultural sector, in construction and in industry.

QINDING Track Solutions also supplies steel tracks to machine builders worldwide.

The steel chains with which Qinding Track Solutions steel tracks are fitted are highly durable and solid.

The steel tracks are wear-resistant and have little risk of fracture in comparison with rubber tracks.

Track frames are made and converted in China .

All frames are calculated and guaranteed for the requested loads. This can be demonstrated with calculations and certificates.

How to order the track chassis from Qinding Machinery:

To make sure the offered steel crawler undercarriage is suitable for your application, please offer the following details:

1. Rubber or steel track undercarriage .
2. What is the payload of undercarriage .
Note: it is the weight of machine excluding the weight of
3. length of track undercarriage (mm).
4. width of each side of track undercarriage (mm).
5. height of track undercarriage (mm).
6. total width of track undercarriage (mm).
7. working flow rate per each side of undercarriage (L/min).
8. working pressure (MPA).
9. travelling speed (km/hr).

10. climbing capacity.

If you need the track chassis,please feel free to contact us.

Contact Information :

MOBILE: +86 15610688056
EMAIL: sales@cnqinding.com

Website: www.cnqinding.com

Crawler Track Undercarriage

Hydraulic Crawler Track Undercarriage

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